About us

Our company

Mediaphorie was created in France August 2000, our first CD, Ellina Akimova, Dance Accompaniment I was produced in November 2000.
We wanted to share and edit original music and piano scores created by Ellina Akimova to support her in her creation.

Since 2000, we have met wonderful artists: Ayumi Hirusaki, Marina Surgan, Tristan Lofficial, and Christpher Hobson and decided to share their music with you.

 Mediaphorie is now present on three continents:

     - La Médiaphorie, Paris, France
     - Mediaphorie Japon,  Tokyo, Japan
     - Mediaphorie US,  San Jose , California, USA.

Our team

Eric de Mikhnevitch, Founder of La Médiaphorie

Ellina Akimova, pianist accompanist, Musical Director

Elisabeth de Mikhnevitch, former dancer at the Opera of Paris, Pedagogy

Pascale Sauton, founder of Mediaphorie US and webmaster

Ayumi Hirusaki, founder of Mediaphorie Japon, pianist accompanist at the Tokyo Opera

Jennifer Lau, Designer


We are dedicated to providing dancers and instructors with the best music for ballet class.