Camille - La Mouette, Ellina Akimova
  • Camille - La Mouette, Ellina Akimova
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Camille - La Mouette

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Two suites for piano by Ellina Akimova


The music "Two suites for piano" Camille - La Mouette (The Seagull)" was improvised by Ellina Akimova. It was improvised in 2002 during the staging of two plays: The Correspondence of Camille Claudel and La Mouette (The Seagull) by Anton Chekhov. New musics have been added to the original improvisation. The music was arranged into suites in 2004.


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The Waltz (La Valse), Camille
"(...) I sleep naked to make myself believe that you are here but when I wake up it’s not the same.
Lots of kisses
Don’t be unfaithful anymore."
(juillet 1891) p77, Quote from the book Camille Claudel correspondence
Edition Anne Rivière and Bruno Gaudichon
Art et artistes, collection dirigée par Jean-Loup Champion
© Gallimard, 2003



I Burned everything , La Mouette (The Segull)

Treplev : « It started the night my play was such a failure. Women do not forgive failure. I burned everything, everything to the little piece of paper. If you knew how unhappy I am! » Act II, Anton Chekhov’s play The Seagull