La Classe des Rois, Music for Ballet Class - instrument Violin
  • La Classe des Rois, Music for Ballet Class - instrument Violin

La Classe des Rois, Music for Ballet Class with Violin

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"Would you like to learn lessons with the music of Louis XIV and Degas dancers? A collection of ballet lessons by violins played by international performers"

Dégagés 4/4...Vivaldi


This is the accompaniment of ballet lessons with piano, which is now commonplace, but its history is still about 100 years. Before the piano emerged as a lesson accompaniment instrument, ballet lessons were accompanied by violin. Its history dates back to the early 17th century, when the famous dancer Louis XIV and the opera dancers depicted in the paintings by Edgar Degas all practiced lessons with violin accompaniment. The CD features international violinist Amandine Beyer as a violinist, along with viola da gamba and guitarists, who were often used as supporting instruments at the time, as well as musician and former dancer Olivier Forres. Under supervision, ballet lessons from the 17th century to the early 20th century are reproduced.
It is composed of a wide repertoire so that it can be used even in modern ballet lessons, although it is a song that was used at the time such as Minuet, Paspier, Gavotte. Not only for lessons, but also for appreciation. Why don't you practice with the sound of the finest stringed instruments while feeling the history of ballet?

Performance: James Band
Amandine Beyer (Violin)
Olivier Foures (Violin)
Nacho Laguna (Guitar, Theorbo)
Baldo Barciela (Viola da Gamba)

1 Face à la barre 4/4 large  M. Vivaldi  
2 Pliés 3/4 vif  M. Matteis  
3 Pliés 3/4 vif  M. Purcell
4,5 Dégagés 2/2 modéré La Pedrina  traditionnel  
6,7 Dégagés 4/4 soutenu  M. Vivaldi
8 Jetés 3/8 vif  M. Lambranzi  
9 Jetés 3/8 vif  M. Vivaldi  
10 Jetés rapides 2/4 preste La Furstemberg  traditionnel  
11 Jetés rapides 6/8 preste La Furstemberg  traditionnel  
12 Ronds de jambe à terre 12/8 lent  M. Vivaldi  
13 Ronds de jambe à terre 3/8 marqué  M. Bélibaste  
14 Fondus 4/4 large  M. Vatinelle  
15 Fondus 3/4 vif  M. Haendel
16 Frappés 2/4 preste  M. Pla  
17 Frappés 2/2 marqué  M. J.S. Bach  
18 Ronds de jambe en l’air 3/4 preste  M. Saint-James  
19 Ronds de jambe en l’air 3/4 preste  M. Vivaldi  
20 Adage 4/4 lent  M. Stratico  
21 Adage 3/4 ample  M. Travenol  
22 Grands battements 4/4 marqué  traditionnel  
23 Grands battements 4/4 vif  M. Quantz  
24 Grands battements 3/4 marqué  M. Vivaldi  
25 Jambe à la barre 4/4 lent  M. C.P.E. Bach  
26 Dégagés 2/4 vif  M. Vivaldi  
27 Jetés 6/4 ample  M. Leclair  
28 Pas de bourrée 2/2 ample Bergamasca  traditionnel  
29 Pas de bourrée 3/4 ample  M. Purcell  
30 Fondus 2/2 ample  M. Torelli
31 Adage 12/8 lent  M. Vivaldi  
32 Adage 4/4 lent  M. Vivaldi  
33 Grands battements 2/4 preste  M. Tartini  
34 Préparation de pirouettes 2/2 marqué  M. J.S.Bach
35 Pirouettes 3/4 vif  M. Saint-James  
36 Grandes pirouettes 4/4 marqué  traditionnel  
37 Piqués en tournant 2/2 marqué  M.Gallo
38 Changements de pieds 2/4 soutenu  M. Vitali  
39 Petite batterie 2/2 vif  M. Rameau
40 Petite batterie 6/8 vif  M. Vitali  
41 Demi saut 3/4 ample  traditionnel  
42 Demi saut 4/4 soutenu  M. Vivaldi  
43 Grand saut 3/4 vif  M. Vivaldi  
44 Tours en l'air 2/4 vif Barabano  traditionnel  
45 Pointes échappés 2/4 soutenu  M. Veracini  
46 Pas de pointe 2/4 vif  M. Vivaldi  
47 Manège 2/2 ample  M. Gallo
48 Entrechats 3/4 vif  M. Dall’Abaco  
49 Tours à la seconde 2/4 vif  M. Vivaldi  
50 Révérence et salut 3/4 soutenu  M. Choude  

Fondus 2/2 ample M. Torelli

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